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OnePlus 9 leak: the smartphone could be announced in March 2021

OnePlus 9 leak the smartphone could be announced in March 2021


those The OnePlus 8T is still hot outside the oven but rumors and leaks are starting to pile up OnePlus’ next flagship phone is the OnePlus 9. Android Central reports The company is reportedly planning to release the OnePlus 9 sooner than expected.

We expected OnePlus 9 to release the OnePlus 9 in April, but now it looks like the company is preparing for an earlier launch. OnePlus is not alone. Some rumors are that Samsung is also hoping to release it soon Upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

The early launch of the OnePlus 9 will allow OnePlus to better adapt to other major retailers such as Samsung and Xiaomi, as well as other Android device makers that tend to release phones at the same time. We do not have an official release of OnePlus 9 yet, but we can see it.

As for the specifications and additional information about the OnePlus 9, rumors are still lacking. For now, we know OnePlus 9 is in development and is codenamed “Lemonade”. It is also reasonable to expect the flag to be activated by the yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 875, which we expect to launch this December.


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