MobVoy manufactures many Wear OS smart watches and, like any good watch maker, also produces a variety of watch faces that users can install to personalize their timelines. Now, however, it appears that all of the company’s watch faces – and the developer account used to publish them – have been completely removed from the Play Store.

Overall, there are about 89 Mobvoy clock faces that are no longer in the Play Store. Even Halloween skull clock face Lost on Halloween-Eve night. It looks like the Mo Mobwoy Watchface developer account has been deleted URL Currently leading to an inactive end.


This is not the first time Google has removed an app from the Play Store, but what can all these watch faces do to take such drastic action? In this case, there seems to be another innocent explanation from Mobvoy. The company has lead sub-managers Stated There is a “specific problem” with clock faces, and users will not be able to download and install them directly from the Play Store or via the Mobvoy app until the issue is resolved.

No word on what the problem will be or how long the solution will last, but we came to Mobvoy for more details. For now, it looks like you should Find another scary face From the Play Store – If a Halloween miracle doesn’t happen soon.