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Odd Apple-Designed Magnetic Wireless Charger Prototype Surfaces in Leaked Video



Amid rumors that Apple will continue to operate on some wireless charging after the Air Power failure, 9to5Mac Apple has shared a video depicting a “prototype of a magnetic wireless charger”.

The charger is a flat white disk with some kind of connector on the back that allows it to be attached to another device. The round shape is similar to the Qi-based wireless charging coils built into the iPhone, and the connector indicates that it could be part of a larger device.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 12 model has a magnetic ring on the inside to attach to wireless charging devices, but it is not known if the prototype is connected. The interior components of the iPhone 12, which include the rumored magnetic layout, have previously been featured in photos.

alleged iphone 12 chassis magnetsalleged iphone 12 chassis magnets
There is no word on what this charger is, how Apple uses it, or whether it is a representative of a future wireless charging device that Apple will release anyway.

There is some possibility that Apple may use this as a showcase in its retail stores, as other intriguing retailers seen in the past have been used for retail. This could be some sort of demonstration unit designed for Apple’s iPhone partners to provide advice on future wireless chargers.


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