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November Event Coming? Everything Apple Didn’t Announce at the October Event

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Apple has so far held events in September and October, focusing first on the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air and then the new iPhone 12 models and the Homepod Mini. There are still a handful of products that Apple hopes to launch before the end of the year, so do we see a November event?

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From the AirPods studio to the weapon-based Silicon Mac, there are still new devices we can see this year. Below are some of the rumored products that did not appear at the October event.

Airpods Studio

Apple plans to add high-end Earpods Studio headphones to its AirPod lineup, and some rumors suggest it could be a product ready to go before launch by the end of 2020.

It was speculated that “Airpods Studio” would be on display in October, but we knew we weren’t expecting it, as “Airpods Studio” did not include the massive leak that shows what we see at the event.

Both AirPods and AirPods Pro were launched in the last months of the year, so we have a good chance of getting new headphones this year. Rumor has it that starting at $ 350, Airpods Studio will include a retrofit design that includes action noise cancellation and a premium model made of high quality material and a sporty trend model made from breathable lightweight material.

AirPods Studio may include interchangeable magnetic ear cups and headband pads for a changeable look like the Apple Watch Bands, and there may be no right or left side when wearing headphones as they can be arranged in such a way as to identify the ears.

The 2020 launch date is not certain, as it is not clear what is going to happen, as there is some mixed information suggesting that “Airpods may not be ready to launch the studio.

We’ve been hearing rumors of Apple’s Bluetooth – based item tracking for over a year, and there’s never been a clear launch timeline. It would make sense to unveil the Airto tags with the new iPhone, but given the interaction between them, it didn’t happen.

If you live under a rock and are not familiar with ‘air tags’, they are the Apple Tile version. AirTags is a small Bluetooth item tracker that you can attach with important but easily lost items, allowing you to track AirTags (and items) within the Find My App within your Apple devices.

airtags mockup 4 purpleairtags mockup 4 purple
There is no guarantee that AirTags will launch in 2020, so we have a chance not to visit them this year. In fact, Leeker John Proser, who has a mixed record in reporting on Apple’s plans, recently said that “air tags will not arrive until March 2021.” From the said day Apple is going to introduce “Air Tags” instead of the AirPods Studio headphones that have actually been pushed back. According to Super Mixed Information, we will have to wait and see what the launch ends.

Recent speculation has it that Apple has been preparing to go for ‘air tags’ for some time (hence the code for early versions of iOS 13 has been found), but has prevented third-party items from giving tracker manufacturers time to develop their own integrated solutions. have. With my Find app as an attempt to avoid allegations of mistrust. Rumors about the “air tags” were first leaked, and Tile is unhappy that a better Apple-designed Bluetooth tracker, Apple’s, could be properly linked to the “Find My” app, which could disrupt Tile’s business.

Apple Silicon Max

Apple itself has said that since the first Mac with Apple silicon chip will arrive before the end of 2020, we can count on at least one Mac launch in November or December.

There is still no word on how the Mac will get its first Apple silicon chip, but based on rumors, candidates may include the new MacBook Pro, the new MacBook Air, the resurrected 12-inch MacBook or the 24-inch iMac.

arm macs mockuparm macs mockup
Apple is working on a redesigned 24-inch iMac to replace the 14-inch MacBook and 21.5-inch iMac, which is similar to the 16-inch MacBook, and this would be the perfect time to launch both of these significant redesigns. Unleash the chips created by the fresh new Apple.

Although Mac came first, Apple is shifting its entire Mac line to Apple Silicon chips, a process that is expected to take a year. By the end of 2021, Apple will be ready to go sunset with all the Max Intel chips. We may not be able to count the “Airpods studio” or “air tags” for sure, but the new Max is definitely coming.

Apple TV

As in ‘Air Tags’, rumors about the next generation Apple TV have been floating around for months, if not more Years. We have not had a new version of Apple TV since 2017 and we have been waiting a long time for an update.

Apple is said to work on most Apple TV set-top boxes, including the A14X chip, which offers console-like functionality. With the integration of the new Apple TV remote ‘Find My’, there are also rumors about preventing it from disappearing.

Apple TV did not appear at Apple’s October event, and we do not see it as an event that could happen in November. According to an August report Bloomberg, A new Apple TV will not be ready to launch until sometime in 2021.

The November event?

Apple has a chance to showcase new products at a third party event in November, at least because Apple Silicon Max is the least event-appropriate device. Of course, there is no guarantee at this point, as devices that are still on the horizon could also come out through a press release.

Predicting a possible date in November is tactical. November 3 is Election Day in the United States, and November 11 is Veterans Day, and November 26 is Thanksgiving in the United States, and Apple is giving all corporate employees that week off. If Apple is hosting an event, we may receive invitations in the first week of November to take place on November 9th or 10th, before Veterans Day.

A recent rumor has it that Apple is actually planning an Apple Silicon Festival on November 17th, so we will see an announcement instead. That day is approaching Thanksgiving a week later, but Apple doesn’t have a lot of options in November.


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