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Non-health related Apple Watch feature saves a cop’s life

Non health related Apple Watch feature saves a cops life


Features of the Apple Watch, starting with the heart rate sensor of the season, have saved several lives over the years. The fall detector also plays its role by alerting emergency services when someone has fallen and is unable to get up. Then the electronic heart sensor, which alerts the heart rhythm, may be the first signal of atrial fibrillation. This year Apple Watch, The Series 6 model is expected to launch later today and may include a pulse oximeter. The second measures the percentage of oxygen in a person’s red blood cells. Data can reveal how a heart pumps blood, and can even give an early warning of a COVID-19 infection.
All of these features were designed to save the life of a user, not a health-related Apple Watch feature, and managed to save the life of a stabbing police officer in Arizona on Friday. A video posted on Facebook last Friday discusses an incident involving a sergeant in February. Sosa of the Higher Police Department was trying to arrest a criminal. Sosa caught the suspect but he had a problem lying on the floor. But while this was going on, the officer’s microphone accidentally disconnected; Sosa, who focused on keeping the suspect on the ground, was unable to communicate with the dispatcher.
Since the sender was unable to pick up the officer from her radio, she called Sosa and he was the only one who could answer. Apple Watch. The sergeant was then able to get the sender back up again. That, too, was a good thing, because the suspect managed to pull a knife out of his pocket and stab the officer in the leg. He was still involved in dispatching via his Apple Watch and was able to send an ambulance to his location. The dispatched Gloria Wheeler received an award for saving the sergeant. Sosa’s life. “The sender saved my life because she was able to keep me fighting and send the resources I needed there,” he said.

But the Apple Watch was also a key part of the story. If the sender had not been able to contact the police officer, the officer would not have survived the attack. Set another life that can be saved by the Apple Watch.


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