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Nokia unveils a host of low-cost 4K Android TVs

Nokia unveils a host of low-cost 4K Android TVs


Nokia smart tv 5500a with Android

  • Nokia is launching a series of affordable Android TV sets, most of which offer 4K and HDR.
  • It also introduces an Android TV set-top box.
  • The line-up is geared towards Europe.

If you are looking for a modern Android TV set you do not have to pay a lot of money – at least if you live in the right place in the world. Nokia (or rather, its brand licensee Flow view) Launches a range of Android TVs that offer the same privileges as 4K and HDR and promise affordable prices.

The core of the line ranges from 4300A inches to 7500A (you see 5500A inches above). All of these Nokia-branded LCD TVs include 4K, HDR (using HDR10) and push-talk remote for Google Support. Although a true reference to the Google ecosystem, there is also talk of “interaction” with Nokia phones. Other Android phones should work fine.

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You won’t find luxury items like high refresh rates (they stop at 60Hz), and the kits run Android 9. You have a micro-dimming LED, four HDMI outputs and a game-friendly response time of no more than 9.5ms. The 3200A inch 3200A model includes three HDR and HDMI outputs.

There is an option from Nokia to bring Android TV to any set. Streaming Box 8000 (pictured below) is the Android 10 Android hub with 4K playback, while Google Assistant is remotely equipped with shortcuts for common services such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Netflix and YouTube.

8000 Nokia Stream Box with Android

As of this writing we are still expecting prices, so not sure how affordable Nokia Android TVs are. Nokia is clear that even 4K TVs are budget models. The Streaming Box 8000 costs $ 99 (about $ 116). Don’t expect to find these hardware around the world – the 8000 is only available in Europe and we wouldn’t be surprised if Android TVs sell primarily on the continent.


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