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Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September round-up

nintendo direct mini


Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showroom Now Over! It has been revealed with the re-release of some amazing sports and fan favorites coming up including Monster Hunter Rice and Disgia 6. You can find the release dates, info and trailer for all the announcements below.

September Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showroom for the first time since July. In the previous two, we learned more about games like Shin Megami Tenzai and King’s Hearts Melody of Memory, so we knew not to expect anything new from Nintendo itself. The previous installment ran approximately 10 minutes each, and from here we can assume that this is the average length we can expect from a direct mini.

The last significant Nintendo Direct aired in early September a year ago and many fans are desperate for Nintendo Direct on a large scale, so we can see how our wallets will be affected in the coming months and book our holidays. Find all the news from Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showroom Below!

September Nintendo Live Mini: Partner Here is everything that was announced in the showroom

Monster Hunting

Monster Hunter Rise is a refreshing experience in the series with the latest monsters, cute friends and a co-op of 4 players. Available for pre-order a passed, Deluxe, Collectors Edit, and amiibo. The Monster Hunter Rise 2021 will hit the switch on March 26th.

Monster Hunter Stories2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a story based RPG in which you play as a monster driver. It includes fans’ favorite monsters like Ratallos and Anjanath. You can expect to see 2 Monster Hunter stories on the switch in the summer of 2021.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise are the successors to Fitness Boxing. Use your joi-con to participate in a series of different foot courses, and boxing exercises conducted by one of the nine instructors, each with their own unique personality. Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise Available December 4, 2020

Disgaea 6: Denial of destiny

Dysgia 6; Destiny of Destiny is a strategic RPG. And will be the first game in a series that uses 3D models. Expect to expand on some of the latest sporting features before the summer 2021 release.

The empire of sin

Empire of Sin is a strategic game set in the heart of the brutal criminal underworld in the 1920s. Choose from a list of fiction and real world thugs and get ready to build your empire. The Empire of Sin will be available on December 1, 2020.

Sniper Elite4

Sniper Elite 4 was originally released in 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sniper Elite 4 When you come to the switch for this winter switch, you can expect a secret and unique sniper action.

Rune Factory5

Rune Factory is the latest installment in the RPG series. It has been revealed that the Nintendo game, originally planned for 2020, will arrive in Switch in 2021.

The will of Ori and the likes

The last-minute surprise that came with this month’s Nintendo Direct Mini is that Ori and Will of the Whips, the stage-adventure style game is now over!

Coming up this month

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showroom has also filled us with some of the topics coming up this month. Both indie, adventure game Hades and survival game are now available and PGA Tour 2K 21 comes on September 25th.

That’s it for the September Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showroom! You can check out the description below.


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