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Nier Reincarnation is now open for pre-registration

nier reincarnation release date


Square Enix unveiled a trailer for the mysterious New Near reincarnation during its Tokyo game show presentation. Not much is known about the Near Reincarnation at the moment, but it’s an art style similar to a 2D picture book and the new trailer showed us some of the grain RPG style fight scenes.

You can now pre-register for Near Renewal in Japan iOS and Android, And set a number of pre-registration targets in the Square Enix stream, which will open when the game’s bonuses are released. If you reach the target of 500,000 pre-registered accounts, you will receive 3,000 gems and one million yen worth of ‘Gold Uncle Statue’. Achieving this goal will be a challenge, as the developers believe, as the statue is still unknown.

We do not know when the next renaissance will be launched, but it has been confirmed to us that it will eventually reach North America and Europe. Twitter The account is now set up for fans outside of Japan. If you are looking for an RPG to play with in the meantime, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs.

Watch the new trailer below.


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