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Netflix would now like up to $18 a month to cancel your favorite shows

Netflix on the Galaxy Z Flip


Netflix is ​​following up with another one to raise prices last year. Most people expect to cut costs here by the end of 2020, and subscribers can expect to pay $ 18 a month for a “premium” 4K 4-screen streaming plan or $ 14 a month for a standard 2-screen HD plan. People who use the single screen SD “Basic” Netflix plan will pay $ 9 a month, but T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us perk will not change, but will increase if you use it to upgrade to a higher level. Layers.

Although rates have recently risen in some parts of Canada, this price difference is not global in the United States alone. The company says the new money will be used “so that we can continue to provide various TV shows and movies.”

When Netflix last raised its price, it was the biggest cheese in the stream market. While that is still an indisputable fact today, there are more competitors now than ever before, and its position is less stable. There may be a more limited catalog than Disney + but it has an incredible start; It accrues in less than a year More than 60 million subscribers. Netflix still has the lion’s share with 193 million subscribers across all markets, but it has The U.S. is struggling a little more In recent days. Independent services such as CBS All Access (soon Paramount +) and NBC Peacock are also on the rise, further stealing the company’s thunder and content return directory as Netflix. continued to Increase its program budget.

Netflix stock up 5% on news

Netflix recently began promoting some of its content for free in the hope that it would entice new subscribers. It extends its service to other devices such as smart displays and the portal on Facebook, and even earned a permanent button on the new Chromecast with Google TV.

The downside is that this price increase will be a net profit for the company, and any customer can jump on board. The extra money helps Netflix have less confidence in its lease directory, bigger, better, higher quality original programming and later Kill them all after two or three.


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