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Nanoleaf Launches HomeKit-Compatible ‘Essentials’ LED Bulb and Lightstrip

Nanoleaf Launches HomeKit-Compatible ‘Essentials’ LED Bulb and Lightstrip


Nanolife, The company that makes wall-mounted modular light panels in a variety of shapes, today announced the launch of an “essential” line that includes a new light bulb and lamps.

nanoleaf essentials bulb shape
Smart color changing LED bulbs and LED light strips are simple, everyday lighting options that are meant to be used with light panels. Compatible with Homekit, both the bulb and the light strip support ‘Homekit Adaptive Lighting’, which allows you to change the color temperature during the day.

nanoleaf essentials bulb pink
Cool lighting temperatures that are better suited for daytime use during the day and night lights reduce blue light and allow for better sleep. The uniquely shaped Essentials bulb supports a color temperature of 2,700 to 6,500K, with an average brightness of 806 and a maximum brightness of 1,100.

The Lightstrip One LED set has four white LEDs, two hot and two cool, and 21 LED sets per meter. The light strip is 80 inches and can be expanded by 40 inches. Light strips can be cut as desired, with a maximum brightness of 10 meters and a lumen of 2,000 to 2,200.

nanoleaf essentials lightstrip blue tv
According to Nanolife, Essentials is the first smart lighting manufacturer to work with thread, a network with low latency and low power grid. With the help of threads, users can rely on enhanced connectivity, a wider range of controls and an option to customize schedules.

Nanolife is designed to add smart features and integrations for future updates such as color displays, screen mirrors and rhythm music synchronization, and are available with the help of threads. Nanolife’s products do not require any hub and are connected to the homekit via Bluetooth.

Nanolife Essentials launches only at Apple retail stores Apple Online Store. The NanoLife Essentials A19 bulb costs $ 20 and the NanoLife Essentials LightStrip costs $ 50.


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