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Microsoft Internally Worked on a Mac OS X Aqua Inspired Windows XP Theme


It is reported that Microsoft has tested a Windows XP theme similar to Aqua GII on Mac OS X. Here is the approximate moment of doing.

While Microsoft was in fierce competition with Apple over desktop operating systems, various themes that Microsoft did not develop in 2000 were recently revealed in a Windows XP source code leak.

One of the themes codenamed “Candy” reflects the design of Apple’s Aqua interface, which was first introduced at the MacWorld conferences and expos in 2000. , Metallic texture and round liquid-like assets.

The theme is described as “Whistler skin with eye candy” and “Whistler” is the code name for Windows XP, marked “for internal use only”. While the theme never ends, the basic features like the Windows Start button and various UI features were a close match for Aqua.

Most notably, the round water-like buttons on the Mac OS X mimic. It is reported that Windows developers used the theme as a placeholder to build the theme engine for Windows XP.

The theme was rejected in favor of the blue and green Luna theme for the final version of Windows XP, released in 2001. Leakage of source code reveals another case of Mac’s impact on behind-the-scenes Windows.


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