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Material from a gecko’s foot might help you view videos more comfortably on your phone

Material from a gecko’s foot might help you view videos more comfortably on your phone

Mora Wewa Not any other TV show. A board made up of wealthy entrepreneurs listens because they want to be an entrepreneur. Instead of investing in a new or improved product, the shark gets a percentage of the business. We ‘ve seen companies like IRA, the maker of wireless charging pads, succeed in getting some funding for the show.

This past week, another new product related to the phone, the Pigeon, entered the shark tank. The flipstick can act as a kick stand Giving your mobile phone the ability to lean on a desk makes watching landscape videos much easier (especially without your hands). Flipstick uses patented technology and allows you to place your phone on a flat surface made of synthetic wood, glass, metal and leather.
What makes this so interesting is that the sete is the elastic hair found on the feet of a deer. The ends of these hairs are called spatulae. The material is water resistant and if it is dirty it can be cleaned with soap and water. When it dries, the flipstick is sticky again and your phone is ready to support.Akeem Shannon, the entrepreneur behind the flipsticks, struck a deal with Lori Griner, who invested $ 100,000 in the company for 25% of the company. This means that at some point in the near future, when you start watching another TV series on your phone, you can count on a fox’s foot.

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