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Make Workplace Compliance Fun Through Gamification (Using An LMS)

enforce workplace compliance through gamification


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The biggest advantage of investing in compliance training over pre-made solutions is customization. You can build a series of online training courses that you need to personalize the process. For example, you can include sports mechanics to boost employee motivation and keep them actively involved. How do you use these techniques to ensure not only learning compliance skills but also implementation? Remember that you do not want to force anything by making your process fun and immersive. They will do it because it is fun.

6 Application of methods to enforce workplace compliance

1. Send them on a quest

The simplicity or complexity of your tactics depends on your budget and technical ability. You can design a full-fledged video game based on learning objectives, or create a basic “game” that issues instructions via animated text. What is the difference? In a full-featured game, there are ghosts and game scenes to explore in a first-person setting. In the text version, you will get small queries that tell you where to go and what to do. Whatever option you choose, include a workplace compliance point-based system to provide instant, but subtle, e-learning feedback. For example, employees get points every time they follow the rules when they breach your policies.

2. Build branch opportunities

Along the way, your corporate learners have to use their consistency knowledge to make decisions. Every choice will affect the return. They can repeat the online training course series as many times as they like, and since it’s fun, they will score again and again. The more they get involved with this online training material, the more familiar they become with workplace compliance regulations. Prizes can be sports logos and / or redemption points.

3. Start a challenge

In the previous exercise, institutional learners had to look for something. With this, they have to solve a puzzle or complete a challenge. For example, they may be responsible for delivering a package to a customer. To get there, they must win various “sports bosses” such as hitchhikers (do not allow unauthorized passengers) or street parades (you will get a free prize if you wear a suit and join it එයට but this means you are out of uniform) The “mini boss” or level compliance training field examines and identifies corporate learners as they go.

4. Engage in direct violation lations

Some challenges will be as vague as a police officer asking for a bribe to ignore your broken tail light; Tail lights on or off during a previous task. Other challenges include visiting the customer’s home and inviting them for coffee (sexual harassment or the potential for COI infringement), or offering a pie as a hint of speedy delivery (is it a bribe?). Again, you can use ghosts to play this. Employees who master compliance sophistication can earn a place on the online training priority board, or even earn a logo associated with the knowledge or skills required to emulate those workplace compliance.

5. Include realistic exploration

Sometimes, you want online training to go a little further down the ground. For example, you can shoot a detailed 3D video of your workplace. Make this video an imitation and ask corporate learners to spend some time there every day. It does not have to be long; It can last up to 10 minutes. As an LMS developer, you need to add things to your “virtual office” every day. Applying tips and queries to solve corporate learners, each of which teaches them an element of consistency. They will unlock hidden objects to add to their virtual collection or logo-based prizes to show off their achievements.

6. Check for pressure problem solving

Develop day-to-day branch opportunities that test your employees’ ability to respond to compliance issues under pressure. For example, they went to LMS for workplace compliance training one morning and found that there was a dangerous leak in the virtual sales floor. A COI violation may occur at a client meeting the next morning. The excitement is to find “Easter eggs” every day. Even if they do not know that they are learning, knowledge and repeated exposure will sink into the subconscious. When they reach certain milestones, they will receive an online training trophy or a printable certificate as a gift.

Internal Tip: Follow up with online training feedback

Although gambling allows employees to identify areas for improvement, they may need more support, such as follow-up recommendations and e-learning feedback, to steer them in the right direction. For example, the imitation ends with a brief description of the skills or topics they need to work on to get the best marks. They can still keep a list of workplace compliance logos they want to earn and the activities associated with them. This way, they will be able to monitor their own progress and increase their motivation by checking the box for each item.

You can use your compliance training LMS to gamble on serious topics such as workplace compliance and industrial regulation. Many corporate learners go through a series of online training courses to complete it, ensuring that gambling lessons are immersed. It can constantly extend the online training process, fine-tuning the rules and maintaining standards. Send your corporate learners on an adventurous journey to bring back the hidden treasure, or with inconsistent obstacles, you can give them a game package. You can try a more grounded approach, making the reproduction of your office a parallel world full of dangers. Repeated exposure strengthens the deep reminder and sinking regulations of your institutional learner’s mental system.


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