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MagSafe-Compatible iPhone Accessories Coming From PopSocket



Apple’s new iPhone 12 models feature a magnetic ring on the back, which allows them to work with a wide range of new devices. The back of the device may also have a new magnetic base MagSefe charger.

Apple is developing a range of magnetic devices, and third-party companies are also working on useful new devices that could take advantage of the magnetic system. One company that can make good use of that magnetic ring on the iPhone 12 models is PopSocket.

Says PopSocket, which makes a series of super popular grip devices that attach to the back with glue TechCrunch MagSafe said a solution was coming.

TechCrunch has confirmed that PopSockts will support Apple’s MagSafe technology – which means you can quickly and quickly disable these omnipotent iPhone devices without having to worry about the sticker on the back losing its glue over time and not needing a fix.

At the moment, popscreen grips are sticky with the iPhone and may lose its stickiness over time, but with a built-in magnet, popscots can be operated without the need for glue, making them easier and more functional than ever.

Although it has been confirmed that Popsockets has MagSafe products, no additional information is available at this time. We do not know when the first Magsaysay based popzocket will be launched.


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