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Love all things wargaming, boardgaming, and tabletop gaming? Come join revamped Wargamer then!



If you’re a sports journalist who can get enough games, tablets, mini, board games, collections and the full fun side of gambling, boy, do we have a chance! Long-term website, Wargamer, Which was re-acquired by Network N in 2018, is set to restart with a new design. As part of that, Network N hopes to bring in an editor and staff writer to take it to the next level.

So yes, it’s a fancy new website created with the same principles as Pocket Tactics. PCGamesN, and Loading, And a completely new workforce you can be part of. We hire all the aspects of content creation, writing, sub-editing and assigning, overseeing all editorial output, managing a team of freelancers and, most importantly, an editor who helps us reach the site. New levels of growth.

While specialization on the subject and journalistic aspirations are essential, we will also be recruiting a staff writer for the entry level position. You are responsible for writing content for the site, developing relationships with developers, publishers, and public relations, and assisting the editor through development strategies.

If you are interested in a single role, you can find links to the full job description below:

Find complete information on how to apply, salary, expectations and responses.


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