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Lego ECTO-1 Offers a Deluxe Ghostbusters Build Experience

Lego ECTO-1 Offers a Deluxe Ghostbusters Build Experience


  • The new $ 200 Logo set, which is set to release in the middle of this month, combines nostalgia for the 1984 film Hostbusters: Life after death The film, mid-2021.
  • Your “Who are you talking to?” Lines 1959 When the latest version of the Cadillac Miller-Meteorite Hear is put together.
  • This is the third official ECTO-1 Logo set, though others There were about 500 pieces compared to 2000 here.

While we wait for the new Ghostbusters movie to escape the COVID quarantine (Hostbusters: Life after death It was supposed to open in July but now it has been pushed to June 2021), we can not wait for LEGO to do something with our time: create a deluxe version of ECTO-1.

Based on the translated 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteorite audio, the original ECTO-1 of the 1984 classic film made our list of the coolest movie cars of all time, where we named it “Classic for an entire generation”. Although this new Logo set is based on the version of the upcoming movie, we are not surprised that the new Logo set is present with the upcoming movie while nurturing adult nonsense.

One of the main advantages of LEGO is that you can use the pieces to create the ECTO-1 you want, but the new ECTO-1 kit includes elements including a remote trap vehicle that tightly connects to the upcoming movie. There are also plenty of moving features, such as rotating doors (obviously) and a roof-mounted TU antenna as the rear wheels move. LEGO fan websites often enjoy the new set Brother brick The LEGO fan website says that it is “a great display of ECTO-1” and that it is “everywhere visible”.


This is the third official ECTO-1 kit made by LEGO and is larger and more sophisticated than previous versions. The first ECTO-1 was 508 pieces from 2014 and 556 pieces from the 2016 edition. This new version contains 2352 pieces that appear to be (but not technically) part of Lego’s Adult-centric Ultimate collectors series.

lego ecto 1


LEGO has also sold a deluxe Ghostbusters firehouse kit, a packet of Breakheads including Peter Wenkman and Slimmer, and two small packages for its short-term video game.

LEGO deals with other delayed films in the same way it solves Hostbusters, Sales kits based on both Wonder Woman 1984 and The black widow, Although a movie is not yet available in theaters or on demand. We know when the new ECTO-1 will arrive: The Lego Hostbusters ECTO-1 kit is priced at $ 199.99 and will be available from November 15th.

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