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Learning Pool Relocates To The Innovation District


The learning pool moves to the Innovation District

As part of the learning pool’s commitment to providing world-class customer support to its customers, the company’s Boston team has moved to Boston’s Welcome District, an innovative district for entrepreneurs.

Located in the port area of ​​South Boston Reservoir, the new office is managed by WeWork, a commercial real estate company that provides joint ventures and other enterprise services for technology start-ups. This is the second pool of learning with Work and strengthens the company’s efforts to expand into the North American market by creating a space for L&D professionals in Boston to join and share.

Duncan Shores, Chief Commercial Officer, Learning Pool, commented:

“As the North American learning pool continues to expand, we want to ensure that our Boston team has the best office space, and moving hundreds of yards to the center of the Innovation District means that both staff can easily access and learn in downtown. We are excited to explore opportunities to create new space while adding new features to development exhibitions and networking events.

The Innovation District is the fastest growing part of Boston today and has stimulated significant economic growth in the city. Mayor Thomas M. Menino has created 5,000 new jobs and launched more than 200 new companies since launching the district in January 2010.

The current mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, recently said:

“It has strong educational institutions nearby and is full of energy and imagination from the population. We believe this district, one of Boston’s largest neighborhoods, could be even bigger with its neighborhood innovation district.”

This new space gives the North American team access to large event spaces that L&D professionals intend to use to expand their work knowledge and raise awareness of emerging industry trends, for example leadership, learning women and future skills, open monthly By holding two events.

VP of North America in the Learning Pool. Sharon Clafi Kaliobi said.

“I am delighted to be able to collaborate with our clients, innovation thinkers, and the corporate and edtech professional community across the Port Innovation District. One month – at no cost to participants and we look forward to seeing you there – online or in person! ”

Since September, Sharon and the Boston team have been hosting the following sessions:

The third virtual event of the year in the Learning Pool will also take place next month:

Learning Pool Live: Learning Data; Beyond the dashboard with the keynote speaker: Josh Berzin, Thursday, October 15, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 12:00 (EST). Register for the event now.


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