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League of Legends: Wild Rift is entering its first regional open beta

league of legends wild rift release date


Wright Games has announced the first regional open beta for its highly anticipated MOBA, League of Legends: Wild Rift. The beta opens on October 27 and is available in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. But by December of this year, the rioters are planning to bring beta to beta EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) as well as countries such as Oceania, Vietnam and Taiwan. Bringing Wild Rift to America in 2021 is also the goal of the riots, which should coincide with the global release of the game.

There is much more to celebrate, and popular PC champion Lee Hsien will be coming to a patch later this month. For more information on the champions coming to the sport, see our League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions list.

For those unfamiliar, League of Legends: Wild Rift is not only a popular port in PC Moba, but is actually built from the ground up, focusing on a new map – Wild Rift – and adapting the mobile game to the unique nature of the original league. it takes.

Below you will find the original trailer for Wildlife:

The new patch, introduced by Lee Sin later this month, will allow players to try out six new champions for a limited time, including Kaisa, Evelyn, Akali, Darius, Droven and Snake.

Players can expect a great deal of content in the period leading up to the open beta release, which also includes spotlights, guides and community highlights to prepare players for the Rift.

For more information and news about the League of Legends: see Wild Rift Official website and Twitter account. You can pre-register for the game Google Play. For more games like Wild Rift, be sure to check out our Best Mobile MOBA list!


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