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Just-In-Time Learning And Performance Support Tools

just in time leanring with performance support tools


What is on-time learning in the workplace?

Traditional training methods usually require one of two things: Employees attend classes conducted by formal, synchronized instructors, or they complete asynchronous long extended online courses. Both of these methods have value, and employees can use timely learning in the workplace to improve performance so that they have the information they need when they need it. Consider this situation: A laboratory technician must perform a diagnostic test with a recently improved piece of hardware. Note that they were trained on the old model but the user interface has changed. They can ask their employer to attend a class designed to advise them on the new interface. Or, using Just-in-Time training, they can give their employer a quick interactive ride in a performance support tool (app) on the employee’s tablet, saving them time and money while learning in their normal work.

What are performance support tools, and how do they help you learn on time in the workplace?

Performance Support Tools Specific learning aids or job aids are those that help learners find the moment they need. They are very important in helping learners to improve a specific challenge, need or learning application. Short, focused, and action-oriented, they support formal training and are designed to be accessible to the learner’s workflow rather than accessing LMS and securing this specific information.

The use of performance support tools for on-the-job learning in the workplace offers many benefits to employees and employers, including:

  • Assisting remote employees
    Remote learners can be assisted at any time and in any workflow.
  • Provides learning on demand
    Using a performance support tool to provide timely training, learning on demand means that employers are able to provide employees with the information they need. They will not waste time sitting in long classes or going online.
  • Employee empowerment
    Employees are empowered to learn on time in the workplace exactly when they need to.
  • Just learning
    Short-term learning of performance support tools means that employees no longer have to memorize tasks that are rarely performed.
  • Appeals to learners who get specific support in a timely manner
    Few experimental and informative learners looking to get into traditional training. They are more selective when it comes to knowledge and performance support tools resonate well with them.
  • Enables SMEs to acquire business knowledge
    Because knowledge of small and medium-sized businesses is embedded in performance support tools, others can tap into their knowledge asynchronously when they need it.
  • Current and relevant information
    Implementation of performance support tools [1] Allows organizations to control the source of information that employees can access and keep it current and relevant.

How can you enable timely learning through performance support tools?

Short-term learning should be in the employee’s natural workflow, creating an accessible and uninterrupted link between job performance and learning. Timely learning is most effective when performance support tools can organize information based on a specific job process and customized audience needs.

There are many options when implementing a performance support tool, including digital adoption platforms (DAPs) such as WalkMe and Whatfix. These tools allow you to include app tutorials and walkthroughs, and help employees learn new apps and processes.

Stimulation of micro alarm patterns

Timely learning in the workplace presented through a performance support tool is most effective with micro alarm models [2]. Microlearning is an effective approach to providing short-term learning [3] Through Performance Support Tools:

  • Easy to access on demand
  • Easy to share
  • Searchable
  • Made from clear, step-by-step instructions and lists
  • present
  • Additional information can be linked to long-term learning
  • The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets
  • Short and easy to scan text

Examples for just-in-time training: Key microwave models as performance support tools

The following is a list of examples Microlarin models It can be provided as a workplace on-time learning through a performance support tool:

  • Interactive PDF
  • Short videos
  • Interactive Information Information
  • E-books
  • HTML5 flip books
  • Animation videos
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Explain the video
  • Special videos
  • Recorded webinar
  • Audio books and podcasts
  • Parallax learning pathways
  • Mobile applications
  • Branch opportunities

Where does short-term training fit into the training strategy?

Like any solution, Just-in-Time Training is not a silver bullet. Alone, it provides concise information but is so decomposed that employees cannot use it effectively. However, with effective traditional training solutions, a Performance Support Tool It can greatly enhance their job performance by providing timely training to employees. It gives employees the opportunity to create a space for innovation and creativity when they need to know what they need to know. Short-term training should be a key component of an organization’s overall learning and performance support strategy.


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[2] How is performance support training different from training? 3 PST examples including microwavering

[3] Micro Alert Case Study: Current Information for Rapid Learning


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