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How To Join A Custom Pubg Room?

Join A Custom Pubg Room

It is always a great feeling to play the game with friends. Playing pubg alone is also great but it will not be as great as playing with friends. There are many people who win the game only when they have a squad ready. You might also have a pubg squad that might be joining you daily to play the game and it might be really fun. However, imagine playing the game with all your friends in a single match. Usually, you just have a friend of yours in the match because of the auto matchmaking all of you are connected to a server that has random players. However, all friends can play on a single server as well.

Playing Pubg With Friends:

It is a great idea to have a whole lot of friends enjoying a single server itself. For instance, you can ask your entire class to join a particular match and then play together. You all can compete against each other and also keep a reward price for the winner. It is a great option to encourage and ask all your friends to participate in the tournament and then the game satisfaction will be at a different level. This can be done easily using the pubg room. You might have heard about the pubg room feature which pubg has provided to all the users.

Pubg Room Explained:

Pubg rooms nothing but private space is given to individuals to organize their own matches.

The concept of private space is very simple and it simply means that you will have a room or space where you will be able to play with a hundred different players of your choice. It is unlike the auto matchmaking server where you are connected to a hundred different players who are not your friends. This is done by creating a host custom room ID. It means that the host of the room can create an ID and password which can be shared with friends in order to join the room after entering the password that you have given.

Hence, no one without a password can enter the room and dress will maintain the quality of players in your room. The play will be able to host a tournament as well where he can share the group ID and password in a WhatsApp group or by manually texting each and every person. Once all the players have entered the room, they can either team up to play a solo match against their friends. It is a great experience to have a house full of friends in the match and you can do stuff which is amazing and competing at the same time.

Can Everyone Join The Pubg Room?

This is one of the most important questions that is asked by most of the people who have not yet played in this mode. We also understand that this is a good question because she does not allow everyone to create and host a pubg room match. It requires and Royal Elite pass and several levels in order to get the room card using which the rooms can be created. A player can also purchase a room card from the shop and create a room. However, there is no search specification to join a room. All the players can join a room irrespective of the level of the Elite Royale pass. The beginners can also join a game. It is a great feature and you must play with all your friends. This is why it is always recommended that a person having the card should make the room.

How To Join A Pubg Room?

It is very easy to join a pubg room which has already been created by the host. However, it is necessary for you to be in contact with the host. The reason being that you will have to enter the room name and password in order to join. The details can be taken from the host because he is the only one who knows the password. Once you have all the necessary details to get started, follow the procedure given below and get added to the room of your friend.

  • Launch the pubg mobile application on your smartphone
  • Now click on the map logo and there you will find a room option at the bottom left-hand side of the screen
  • Click on the room icon and you will see a new page opening
  • Locate the search icon on the top of the screen and enter the room ID provided by your friend
  • The list of rooms associated with that name will be shown and you will find and lock icon beside.
  • Click on join and enter the password in the given section
  • Click on join and you will successfully join the room
  • All other player names will be displayed on the screen and you will have to wait until the match officially starts.

Is It Possible To Play A Solo Match In The Pubg Room?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to play a solo match in pubg for free BC. However, it is up to the host of the event what kind of match he wants you to play. The creator of the room is given the option to choose the mode of the game prior to the room creation. If he has selected the single-mode, everyone will be playing individually in the room and you all will compete against each other.

How Many Players Are There In The Pubg Room?

Any pubg room can accommodate only a hundred people. Hence, the upper limit of any room is a hundred. No more player will be able to join the game after 100 marks is reached. Hence, it is always a good option to get connected to the room at an earlier stage. This will reduce the probability of overlapping and you will not face any issue in joining later. Many players typically cannot join the match because they are late. Moreover, the host can start the match even if 100 players are not present in the room.

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