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Join Car and Driver, Road & Track on Annual Car of the Year Tests

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Have you ever wanted to get in touch with car magazine editors to help you test and judge some of the coolest new cars on earth? Well, you’ll get the chance soon. New beginners By the Track Club R&T There are extremely special opportunities to ride and judge Road and track and Cars and drivers Editors when we conduct our annual reviews this year. Here is what we have planned so far.

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Is the first major event on the horizon Cars & Drivers’Lightning strikes on October 22nd. It is held annually at the Virginia International Racecourse. There, the editorial team revolves around the 4.1-mile Grand Series circuit, the hottest new cars measuring hip time at their own speed. Beginners are invited to watch the lightning strike to see these incredible vehicles push to their limits. They also have the opportunity to get involved Cars and drivers Editors for runway lunch.

Occurrence a week later R&TOf annual Performance Car of the Year Every fall this year at the Atlanta Motorsport Park in Georgia, Road and track Every new or revised performance car gets their hands on it, takes them to the track, and tries to find the one that gives enthusiasts the most hope: a machine that delivers everything you expect from a modern vehicle, but still pulls at heart. Participates in PCOTY testing with beginners R&T Track editors, then vote for the category of all new beginners.

Then, on November 18th Cars and drivers Its 10Best Awards. The top 10 winners represent the smartest and fun vehicles you can buy today. They are selected annually after a thorough evaluation of the new or significantly refreshed models of the year, as well as last year’s 10Best defense. For two weeks, the editors drove, measured, inspected, and inspected a range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Will connect with beginners Cars and drivers The editors are in a close virtual background to explore the selection process and learn about the winners.

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Want to get into action? Go to Road and Track ‘s Dedicated website To learn more about joining a track club and becoming a beginner. Be sure to check Experience site For more information on upcoming events. We can’t wait to see you.

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