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iPhone 12 will be more expensive than the iPhone 11, bill of materials suggests

iPhone 12 will be more expensive than the iPhone 11 bill of materials suggests


The expectation was impressive, but it was somewhat unbelievable. After all, upcoming models will put new tactics on the top of their hands, and upgrades usually lead to higher prices.
After a while, a The report says the starting price could be between $ 699 and $ 749.
Weibo Tipster (via Gischina) Now suggests that the higher the range the more space there is. Apparently Apple is not included With the newer models of EarPods and Chargers, it is a training that has already begun The latest watch models. Consumers hoped that bypassing these devices would help the company keep the price of the iPhone 12 at the same level as the iPhone 11.
Compared to the material bill for the iPhone 12, it is $ 50 more iPhone 11, 5G components and OLED display. If you do the math, this equals a starting price of $ 749.

The company looks set to sell 80 million new models this year. Given that the demand forecast is accurate, this could be bad news for iPhone fans, as supply is expected to drop from an estimated 6 million to 10 million.

Apple has already introduced IPhone 12 powered A14 chip, and Leaked benchmarks suggest that the size of the performance is not large compared to the iPhone 11. It is expected to come with high-end variants LiDar sensor, and prospective buyers do not seem to be interested in this upgrade.
IPhone 12 sales are still approaching The iPhone 6 levels, largely because it will be a 5G enabled Apple smartphone.


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