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iPhone 12 Cases Buyer’s Guide



Apple announced the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro this week, with pre-orders opening on Friday, October 16th, and shipping dates set to begin on Friday, October 23rd.

The introduction of the new iPhone is always a crazy line and the event makers are trying to launch their products on time for the first customers. We have added a list of the current iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases.

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From forums

Ours iPhone Devices Forum It is associated with the activities of the readers who are trying to choose the perfect opportunity. From these threads we have got some interesting recommendations so that you can explore yourself.

Spike Ultra Hybrid

spigen iphone 12 casespigen iphone 12 case

The Spine Ultra Hybrid is a vague design with a low price for those looking for something simple.

$ 11.99 from Amazon

Spike thin slim fit black

thin fit blackthin fit black

Another infallible simple black case for the iPhone 12 ‘at a reasonable price.

99 13.99 from Amazon

External air case


A thin aramid fiber case with a textured surface.

From $ 59.99 onwards

Nilkin Camshield


Slightly different camera protection case published Shawny R. Harvey A sliding camera covers the iPhone.

$ 15.99 from Amazon

Other notable brands

Apple iPhone 12 silicone case with MagSafe

apple silicone case iphoner 12 navy 1apple silicone case iphoner 12 navy 1
For the iPhone 12 ‘and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has its own silicone case with a soft touch finish that fits well with the volume of the device without adding buttons, side buttons and curves. It features a nicely lined port cutout and a magnet made for MagSafe devices that actually fit Apple’s MagSafe charger. This case provides good protection and is available in Plum, Deep Navy, Kumkat, Cypress Green, Pink, White, Black and Product (red).

$ 49.00 from Apple

Specifications Presidio2 iPhone 12 Case

Specs, a long-time event maker, connects the Presidio 2 line with the Presidio 2 Armor Cloud, the Presidio 2 Grip and the Presidio 2 Pro, and, thanks to its partnership with Microban, the safety of each model ‘ Is. The Armor Cloud is protected from drops up to 16 feet and has a Grip and Pro soft touch finish. Spec offers a number of clear opportunities with design prosperity and impact protection.

$ 39- $ 59 from Spec

$ 39- $ 59 from Amazon

The extreme case of survival

gip 060gip 060
This rigid but relatively thin bumper case provided by Survivor promises an extremely strong foundation that combines 16-foot dot-protected photocore shock absorption technology and is protected from severe impacts, scratches and abrasions, dust and dirt thanks to the four-layer construction. Meanwhile, a raised beard ensures screen protection while antimicrobial and anti-fungal protection prevents stains, odors and deterioration. Available in Black and Asphalt Black.

Sur 49.99 from survivors

Totallee thin iPhone 12 case

slim iPhone 12 case green totalleeslim iPhone 12 case green totallee
Totally’s lowest offer iPhone 12 is located at the edge of the event market and is actually extremely slim. Of course, it’s like a second skin that protects your device from scratches and adds grip, but provides very little to no drip protection. If your priority is to keep your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro slim and smooth, this could be the case for you too. Available in Green, Navy Blue, or Snow Black.

$ 35 from Total

CASETIFY iPhone 12 Event Series

1 11 1
Cassette is its first anti-microbial case this year and is associated with the brand owner Defensive Coating. Both exposure and ultraviolet exposure are said to kill 99% of bacteria and germs in the surface. Although 12 millimeters thin, it provides protection from falling to 6.6 feet, while the Ulta effect gives a drop of 9.8 feet. Security. There is also a vegan leather case made of 90% recycled material, as usual, the big plus with Cassette is that both of these cases are available in 15+ colorways, thousands of custom prints and a personalized finish, and absorb flash at all times Ring the back of the hand.

$ 55- $ 65 from Cassette

Tech21 Evo Wallet

tech21 evo wallettech21 evo wallet
For those who like to travel light, Tech21 offers an iPhone 12 case. It has a secure magnetic box on the cover of the Evo wallet, a pocket for two bank cards and a manual for watching videos. The case provides drip-protection up to 12 feet, requires antimicrobial protection and is MagSEF compliant.

21 39.95 from Tech21

Otter + pop symmetric series

otterbox symmetry series iphone 12otterbox symmetry series iphone 12
The Otterbox’s symmetrical series combines an inner hard shell that absorbs shock and an outer soft slip cover to protect against lip cracks that protrude upwards around the edge. In addition to providing good overall protection for your iPhone 12, the case also includes an integrated pop grip that slides into the case when not in use and can be easily replaced if you need to change the look.

$ 59.95 from Otterbox

Naked iPhone 12 Thin Case V3

Nudientv3IP126.1SangriaRed.MAXPackagingshot kopia d0b51e29 36c3 4e33 a043Nudientv3IP126.1SangriaRed.MAXPackagingshot kopia d0b51e29 36c3 4e33 a043
Conceived by Scandinavian designer Jasper Stoll, the Noodian case has a minimalist look with precise cutouts. For better grip the outside is coated with three layers of rubberized material and on the inside is a suede cloth to protect your manual from scratch dust particles. It also has magnets made for use with Noodiant’s own magnetic devices. The case is available in Sangria Red, Pine Green, Paint Black, Midwinter Blue, Dust Pink, Clay Beige and Saffron Yellow.

From Nud 25.90 Nudient

Emma Pebble Leather Crossbody Bandoleer

Swoosh Emma bandolier iphone 12Swoosh Emma bandolier iphone 12
The Emma Crossbody Bandoleer is a classic black leather case with a gold-toned detail and an open face, but its signature feature is the adjustable cross-body shoulder strap for sleeveless carrying. It includes a hidden Snapback Credit Card compartment on the back and is available in less than 10 colors for a chic look.

Band 95.00 from Bandolier

Rhinoshield Solid Suite

Screen Shot 6Screen Shot 6
The thin but secure, one-piece with a premium finish on the back of the Rhinoshield’s solidsite case. It uses proprietary impact-resistant technology known as Shoxfried material, which provides military level protection against drops and falls, but its feather weight design ensures that you are not even aware that it is there. Available in a variety of colors and custom prints, it also works well with the company’s add-on camera lens range.

$ 29.99 from Rhinoshield

Feel free to add your own choices to the discussion thread.


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