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iOS 14: ‘Phoenix 2’ Space Shooter Delivers Playable Demo via App Clips

app clip game


One of the new features that came to iOS 14 is called Application clips. The app clip is described by Apple as a “small part of your app” that is available to users at the right time.

Application clips focus on completing one task quickly. The perfect app clip experience allows users to open and complete a task in seconds.

Apps can be loaded and run through Safari without the need to download from the App Store, and the user will be offered a full app download after the experience. Early examples provided by Apple included outboard ordering applications, scooter rental applications, or applications to set up a device for the first time.

app clip game

Game developer Free Games has launched an app clip for their space shooting game Phoenix 2. App clips can be played with their login Phoenix 2 website Tap “Play” on an iOS 14 device and on the banner that appears at the top of the screen.

The Phoenix 2 launch is also available as an app video. App Clip is a new iOS 14 feature that allows you to run part of an app without having to download it from the new App Store. Try it yourself by tapping the ‘Play’ button on the banner at the top of this site (iOS 14 requires Safari; the banner does not show if you already have Phoenix 2 installed).

Moments after downloading the assets, Phoenix 2 Introduction Level can be played as a native app clip on your device.

Demonstration works like a native app but without any app installation. Once done with the demonstration, you will find a link to the ‘App Store’ The whole game [Free]. TouchArcade Wrote about the experience And a “fiction-free experience” for sports imagery, with great potential for finding the App Store game.


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