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Instagram anti-bullying brings warnings to users about to post an offensive comment

Instagram anti bullying brings warnings to users about to post an offensive comment


Today, social media giants seem to be working to make the Internet and smartphones a more conducive place for mental health. Google recently announced that it will do so Disable “Beauty Filter” on pixel phones by default. Now, marking the 10th anniversary of Instagram, Instagram will take bullying elements to a new level, Engadet reports. So far, Instagram has had a set of interesting harassment features that warn users to downplay a bit, including “nudity”, if they make an aggressive post. It also offers a “remote mode”, which can be activated when users have a stressful or sensitive time, for example after a crash.

Now, these harassing features will be expanded by Facebook, an Instagram-owned company. Instead of asking users to rethink an aggressive post, the social media platform will issue a new warning, stating that such comments and comments could deactivate the user’s account.

This update does not prohibit users from posting negative comments or comments, but it does make sure to warn them of the consequences if they continue to violate Instagram rules.

In addition, for users experiencing negative comments, Instagram checks a feature to automatically hide similar comments from other previously reported ones.


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