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HR Leadership Training Programs Support Tools

hr leadership training programs support tools


Cost-J Effective JIT Support for Human Resource Leadership Training Programs

The Human Resources Department has a comprehensive job description. They handle everything from recruitment to policy updates. They are always ready to protect the rights of workers and enforce labor laws. Thus, your HR leadership training programs should cover a wide range of topics. First and foremost, team leaders need to be supported on the spot so that they can confidently overcome any obstacles. The strategic part is knowing what resources provide the best ROI, especially if you are running a tight budget or L&D watch. Every organization has different needs, but every leadership training plan has several resources of the right size. Below are 7 cost-effective JIT support tools for your HR leadership training programs.

1. Recovery of COVID-19 policies

We all deal with the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath. Unfortunately, your HR team is at the forefront because they are responsible for recruiting and driving the keyboard as well as employee safety. So, make policy adjustments to refresh their memory and provide quick updates. For example, they need to know how to deal with social distance protocols or symptom reporting. These micro-alert resources can be in the form of checklists or quick demonstrations to show that policies are working.

2. Recruitment Human Resource Leadership Training Information

Recruitment methods are always evolving. For example, the days of newspaper ads are long gone. Now, organizations post job opportunities on social media or use their online training portals to attract new skills. Thus, online training information is the most suitable JIT tool, as you can quickly update e-learning content and develop new versions. Especially if you use an online training template and fast authoring software. Another option is to hire an e-learning content provider to create interesting information. Whatever path you choose, it is important to keep it simple. For example, your candidate assessment information section has 5 sections. They all have visual elements to enhance knowledge retention.

3. Employee Diversity Mini Workshops

Every member of the team brings something unique to your organization. They all have different cultural backgrounds and life experiences. We cannot allow assumptions and hidden bias. Another excellent JIT support resource for human resource leadership training is small workshops. Each event focuses on diversity and team building. For example, the first deals with gender equality and the next focuses on beliefs and beliefs. These events should only last a few minutes, long enough to discuss the topic and share experiences. In short, it gives everyone the opportunity to evaluate from different perspectives. In addition, they highlight improvements such as limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth.

4. Skills simulation interviews

In many cases, HR managers are involved in recruiting even if it is to approve the final candidates. They must have strong interview skills including communication, problem solving and data analysis. Remember that they need to support their team. For example, a HR new tenant is nervous about their first interview. The manager can increase self-confidence and continue the interview. Then when the staff is ready to ask tough questions they can go back. As a result, emulators are a perfect addition to your leadership development strategy. They should be short. Therefore, pay attention to a single job applicant at a time. Don’t forget to wrap things up with personalized feedback.

5. Performance appraisal representations

Another crucial human resource role is performance appraisal. Sometimes they do evaluations. In others, they simply process the data of departmental supervisors. However, they still need to know the steps involved. Create videos that explore every platform and skill for your leadership training program. What are the evaluation criteria? Should they integrate employee interviews with online training assessments? First and foremost, how do you value and respect the rights of employees? For example, there is a limit to the amount of data they can collect as well as access to performance records.

6. Compliance Policy Human Resource Leadership Training Fraud Sheets

All leadership development programs must have fraudulent forms. However, human resources are often the same as policy. Therefore, human resource managers need prompt reference guidelines covering policies and procedures. These fraudulent forms should address everything from the dress code to the OSHA standards. Of course, all of this depends on your industry and local regulations. For best results, include visual and interactive features such as hyperlinks to the boxes they can check and useful online training resources.

7. Anti-harassment branch opportunities

Workplace harassment includes bullying and sexual harassment. But that is only the value of the ice cube. Human resource managers need to know how to handle events so that everyone feels safe at work. Branch opportunities give them the opportunity to experiment with different approaches, not to mention, to identify the most sensible behaviors that cause concern. For example, the protagonist is initially subtly punished. Then it becomes negative comments or jokes. How can a HR team leader intervene without knowing that employees are enlisted? Branching opportunities in a leadership training program allows you to see how their actions lead to real-world consequences. Good and bad.


There is no cookie cutter access to HR leadership training programs as each organization has unique goals and objectives. However, these JIT resources provide timely support to your team leaders regardless of their strengths or weaknesses, no matter how high they may be. This is because they are multifunctional training tools. You can easily adapt them based on personal gaps and preferences. Especially if your budget allows. For example, turn your performance appraisal into a serious sport.


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