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How to measure a person’s height with iPhone 12 Pro

How to measure a person’s height with iPhone 12 Pro


We showed you earlier this year How the powerful smartphone competes with real measuring tapes… Well, measure length. We tested with Android’s AR Core and Apple’s solution and the results were very good. But now, with the new iPhone 12 Series, we have a game changer – lidar system. read more:

LiDAR (originally known as COLiDER – COaren Light Detecting and Ranging) is a method of measuring distance by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflection with the sensor. It’s more accurate than ToF or other camera based systems, which means we can now measure someone’s height iPhone 12 Pro /Pro Max. Let’s see how.

  1. You do not need to download anything – d iPhone 12 Pro The measurement application is pre-installed. Find the app and launch it.
  2. Enter the height frame you are measuring. For an even more accurate measurement, make sure the person is standing near a wall or that there are no objects around or in the background that could interfere with the measurements.
  3. The measurement app should automatically identify the person and show a line above his head.
  4. You can now take a photo for further measurements by tapping the shutter button in the lower right.
  5. To preview and save the image, tap the screenshot shortcut in the lower left, check the shot and then select what was done, and save it to photos or save files.
  6. To perform another measurement, remove your iPhone 12 Pro and reset the above steps to reset the current measurement.

It’s a fairly simple process and you can actually measure all sorts of things using the measurement app – check your furniture, that giant TV set to fit your stand. It is a familiar experience and if you have used measurements before the application, you are already a measurement specialist. The only difference is that now the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max use LiDAR for extra accuracy. By the way, this sensor has some serious potential in the Ogmond reality field, so stay tuned for some crazy AR apps coming your way very soon.


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