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How To Make Compliance Training Memorable

how to make compliance training memorable


Using technology to mimic everyday work conditions

Compliance can be an important part of doing business, but it is largely overlooked. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to get caught up in the thought process of “it’s common sense” when it becomes more complicated to conform to reality. The rules in different industries are constantly changing and millions of dollars can come out of the window with one misunderstanding.

That being said, it is not enough to just push information to your employees or customers. It is not an easy task when the rules are constantly changing and less than interesting. But compliance training content is lengthy and often irrelevant for some roles. Making Compliance training It is a challenge to remember when there is a good chance that some employees may never have to deal with it, but government or industry requirements often say that you should inform employees regardless.

Sinking digital learning can be a God-given privilege, giving employees the opportunity to test the knowledge they acquire in a secure, emulated environment.

Best practices in compliance training simulation

When looking to add imitations to your learning ecosystem, it is important to explore a few different points. For beginners, choosing the right subjects will be really important because of the time and resources it takes to create these custom e-learning activities. It is also important to consider the tactics of your compliance training that are dangerous or may require some level of skill to perform. Imitations are great for those occasions as they allow you to experience the “real world” without harming your business.

Allows your employees to hone their skills in your industry in a low-stress environment, including branching opportunities. The beauty of using branching opportunities is that they are able to emulate the everyday challenges and decisions that need to be made in your particular industry. The more comfortable you can make those decisions for your employees in a stress-free environment, the better they will be when they start flying bullets in real life.

Compliance training case study

HSS Inc Attempts have been made to teach healthcare professionals through e-learning how to detect aggressive behaviors in advance and how to dispel potential destabilizing conditions before they escalate. With that knowledge in mind, HSS was able to keep their program interactive, proactive, and informative and concise, and they were able to limit the time spent by important health care professionals in the field.

Alancom created five custom e-learning modules that touched on prevention, empathy, and teamwork Management Gambling And media-type elements in the hope that employees will leave with confidence (with some virtual practice) to dispel these situations in real life.

You can use what Alancom can create for HSS in your compliance training to recreate what health workers face in everyday emergencies. As in emergencies, most adaptations are about how well you can think at your fingertips and gain practical knowledge.

Some of the activities that can be used for compliance training include sinking videos and gambling knowledge checks, allowing your employees to practice the skills they need and the possible consequences of their responses in a safe environment. Alancom was able to publish the training in a responsive format with a broad approach so that your employees can continue to receive the compliance training they need wherever they are.

Getting ready for the unexpected

Using learning strategies such as immersive videos like HSS can accurately illustrate the compliance challenges your employees face on the job. Moreover, this method can easily illustrate the right and wrong way to deal with daily work situations.

When dealing with compliance that keeps everyone safe and your business trouble-free, there is no big sacrifice. Investing to make sure your employees are aware and well-prepared will not only save you money, but also give you and everyone else peace of mind in the workplace. By providing excellent compliance training, you set up your employees to learn, retain and train in a safe environment, better preparing them for unexpected challenges.


Alencom’s experts solve business problems with beautiful custom learning solutions. We bring creativity to the consulting plan. We change behavior and influence choices. We build better training.


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