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How To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Leveraging Micro Content For Customer Satisfaction Microlearning


Improving the customer experience with the power of microwave content

Quality of customer experience is one of the major differences that consumers consider before purchasing a product or service. In fact, customers are often willing to pay more for a great service. If they have good experience they are more likely to be loyal returning customers and give positive reviews. Recent surveys show that in many cases experience is more important than cost. This is one reason why industry leaders are focusing on employee training programs with micro-alert content that enhance the quality of service their employees provide.

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However, creating an effective training program comes with many challenges. The level of employment is slightly lower. Millennials are now the largest workforce and have different learning styles than they did before. The global workforce is growing and many employees are working remotely in distribution groups around the world. According to recent research [1]In the United States alone, about 3.4% of the 4.7 million workforce work from home at least half a week. The most traditional training methods that have been effective in the past will no longer be the best learning solution for your organization.

Fortunately, companies have a number of new strategies and methods they can use to create innovative training programs that help improve the customer service skills of their employees. One of the most popular training approaches that works well for customer service training is micro alert.

Microlearning is an approach to training where learning content is divided into short, digestible parts that focus on one specific concept at a time. This plan easily fits into the busy schedule of current employees. It is also known for increasing employee participation and improving employee knowledge retention.

Key Micro Alert Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction

If you are looking for ways to enhance the power of micro alert content to improve your employees’ skills and your customer experience, there are 3 different strategies you need to know.

1. Micro-event based learning

One of the best ways to increase employee participation and knowledge retention is to use case-based learning in a micro format. This is when creating a series of event-based modules to help employees learn specific skills such as effective effective communication or active listening. Each module contains common job opportunities that an employee may have to face. The employee learns how to use their critical thinking skills and how to handle the situation effectively and effectively using the new skills they are learning.

This method is especially useful in teaching your employees new soft skills related to customer service as it builds a context around each topic in a way that they can memorize briefly. This training program adds value to the learning experience by giving employees the opportunity to actively participate in learning. Learners hone their skills in a risk-free environment, and employees who hone their skills are more likely to apply for a job.

2. Timely training materials

Another way you can use microwaves to improve the skills of your employees and increase the speed of satisfied customers is to use micro-alert content such as timely training material. These materials are tools that employees can quickly access and use while on the job.

An example of this training strategy is an interactive PDF or website with relevant product knowledge. It can refer to a leaflet or flight attendant to quickly recall details of a new policy or service your company provides.

Microwave content strengthens prior training and helps employees learn new customer service skills without interrupting their workflow. This is one way you can use it to improve the quality of service your company provides without devoting hours to training and development.

3. Micro Content Library

Creating a content library is another way you can balance your customer service game with microrolling. Even after employees participate in a formal corporate training program, it is difficult to remember everything they have learned. In addition to this problem, many fast-paced organizations change their offerings and the way they do business on a regular basis. To get specific information that employees need to know and access it, several large organizations today are creating microwave content libraries full of short micro-lessons that employees can access when they need to.

These libraries can include short videos about product or consumer people, soft skills training modules, fresh course material, and more. These libraries can be accessed from any device at any time, making it easy for employees to participate whenever they have time.

Providing a micro-content library will help your customer service team focus on learning more relevant and useful foot courses. This reduces the time taken for training and increases the connection.


Improving the customer service skills of your employees will give your company significant competition. By improving your customer satisfaction rates by a small amount, you will be able to gain more loyal customers, enhance your brand reputation, increase revenue, and reduce employee turnover.

Integrating Micro Alert into your customer service training program can help you overcome some of the current training challenges. The versatility of the program engages learners, increases knowledge retention, and fits in well with a busy schedule. If you want to take advantage of this approach to your customer service training program, consider these 3 strategies.

  • Learning based on microscopy
    Simulations similar to short life help to build context in an engaging way around each topic. This helps employees train and understand how to apply the skills they learn.
  • Just training content
    Providing training materials that employees can use and access to work as a reference, freshness, or guide can help reinforce what they have learned. This strategy prevents interruptions in their workflow and customer interactions.
  • Microlarin Content Library
    This strategy gives employees access to the most relevant training content when needed, removing time and place barriers.

It also helps to keep the training content relevant.

To learn more about this innovative approach to learning and development, read the e-book microwave strategies for corporate learners.


[1] 40 remote work statistics to know by 2020


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