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How A VR Training Program Transforms L&D



Go on a journey through VR Insight with Sweet Rush

Growing up, I loved to read. In our home we had an understanding; One activity that will never bother you is reading – no matter how long you stay asleep. I was particularly drawn to the series; Knowing that there was more than one book, I decided to dive into a new world. My favorite book in trilingual has always been the second book. Things were juicy where the operation started. That’s what I love about this VR training e-book.

It is in order [1], Confirming the background of the new world, the book in the series of articles we are ready to launch the mission. Our mission in this e-book is to equip you with the knowledge, confidence and game plan to transform your training programs.

E-book release

Your Guide to VR Training Programs

Gain valuable insights into purchasing to design and launch successful VR training programs.

VR in a changing time

It is no secret that before COVID-19, Virtual Reality (VR) and other new technologies, such as Learning and Development (L&D), were gaining ground in various industries. Then we fell into a big change and indefinite period.

Not only was 2020 exciting and challenging, but it was also a driving force for innovation. Working with sinking technology has shown us new ways in which we can work together, helping us to move forward with the pace of digital transformation that is a critical need of all organizations now and in the future.

Although VR is not designed for a global epidemic, it is a good solution to the challenges posed by COVID-19. VR helps us to learn together safely.

Getting Started with VR Training: An Essential Guide

Sometimes the startup can be overwhelming.

This e-book allows us to reduce the noise and flood of VR information for enterprises by looking at VR through an L&D lens. This is a simple but informative reading that will motivate you to explore the potential for your future training.

Carrying these keys will take you away:

  • How to Talk to Stakeholders About the Efficiency and Success of VR for L&D to Make a Purchase
  • What statistics and case studies can strengthen your case for including VR in your current training components?
  • How to identify areas of your training that are good candidates for VR
  • What are the key factors to consider when looking at a budget?
  • Consider how to think beyond the moment and the scale and longevity of your program
  • What to ask when assessing prospective partners to collaborate on your program
  • How to create a plan for your VR training program?
  • How to gain clarity and confidence to get started creating a VR training program for your organization

Let’s break down the chapters to explain why I love them and what they address.

1. Training for the modern world: Opportunities to use proven, effective VR

In Chapter 1, we begin our journey. Like any good sequence, we begin by re-reading the current state of the industry. We will then refer you to timely advice on how to make a case for using your company VR.

An interesting feature of VR is its endless capabilities for a variety of industries. In this chapter, we will talk about the power of VR in consulting design and describe the positive impact on the business side of L&D.

With a firm foundation in the world of VR training you will get out of this chapter; You will learn what kind of training is ripe for VR and how to prove the effectiveness of VR training to decision makers in your organization.

2. VR. Investing: Cost, Board of Investment, and Purchasing

This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but even before COVID-19, you can often watch home repair shows on Friday nights. I love to see the design, planning and work together at the end of each episode, and I really enjoy the moment when the designer sits down with the homeowner to talk about the budget.

Budget is more than just agreeing to a number; It is about the longevity of the plans and the scale for the future. It is important to think about how the home you are planning now will meet your future needs.

Is the amount of money you invest equivalent to how much the value of the home will increase after the renovation? Can all the members of your household be connected with your logic? After considering all aspects of the meaning of these decisions, they build intelligently.

This is how we approach our VR projects; After considering the key points with our clients, we set them up intelligently. We care about how you build your solution. We want it to be your “dream home”.

In this chapter, we will take you through your baseline, market position and the impact of COVID-19, the key options that can affect the cost, your ROI picture and the best practices for making a purchase.

3. VR. Learning Analysis: A new world of user data associated with performance results come

Before joining SweetRush as an XR maker, I worked in brilliant technology for media and entertainment. I consider it a victory when someone removes the headset and says that what they experienced was fun or motivates them to watch the movie we sell. Or that it affected them emotionally.

After I moved to work in the L&D world, I realized that I needed to provide more than just entertainment with our VR. We had to prove that the learning experience was worthwhile. What happens in a headset is only the beginning. What really really matters is that after removing the headset, learners apply it to their jobs.

Analytical learning is key. Our clients should be able to find data that can be exported to show the data in the headset, the effectiveness of the training, the productivity, the areas that need to be improved and the areas of success at the individual and global level. When combined with measurement data collected outside the headset, VR data provides a powerful opportunity for training evaluation. This chapter focuses on the developments in VR analysis and how you can make the most of the data you track.

4. VR Training Trends: New Opportunities for Innovation

I would like to say that I was an innovator as a teenager and that I was ahead of the curve, building computers in my spare time and dressed in the most modern fashions. But, alas, I am not. It wasn’t until later that I discovered my love for the novel of life when I started working in emerging technology.

The moment that changed me was seeing the many ways in which VR can have a positive impact on the world. This medium can change not only entertainment but also behavior. That power applies directly to our work at L&D.

The industry is constantly evolving, making progress and challenging to see what can be done next. In this chapter, we will discuss trends – methods that have been proven to affect VRL & D. This chapter takes you through the new developments in VR for learning, including multi-learning experiences and mentor-led learning, face and voice recognition, body tracking, and biometric feedback.

5. Choose a partner for your VR training program

Apps, apps, many apps. There is an application for any need in the world today. Distribution Apps, Dating Apps, Fitness Apps, Apps to Find Apps – The list is never ending. Adaptive apps great Life Want to find a life partner or the right pet? Want to find the right city for your personality? Or does your next meal suit your emotional state? There is an application for that.

Only if you had an app to connect you with the right partner to create your VR training program. This app does not exist, but if I do create that app, this chapter will work as my plan.

With customization apps, asking the right questions is very important. If you have a cat, you need to know if your potential match is an allergy, and you will want to know if your potential VR partner’s experience and values ​​match yours.

This chapter confirms why it’s worthwhile to partner with a company that specializes in creating VRs for L&D, and it includes a checklist that can help you determine who that partner is.

6. Putting it all together: Creating an aggressive behavioral VR program

In my spare time, I enjoy baking. Talking about baking though, I’m a bit of a traitor. The following tips and science are important to make sure your baked goods are edible, but I do not like to blindly follow the rules I like to use research and development in my baking. I take a recipe, think about what I know from my experience and how to make the recipe better, and then I start testing.

My favorite baking moment is not when it comes out of the golden oven, but when I see others enjoying my work. The results of your research, planning, and execution are far more rewarding than watching a large output. Our VR. As we take you through a case study of a training project, we can see in this chapter that all work hard.

We set up a VR training program with Crystas Health to teach learners how to prevent aggressive behaviors from patients and their family members. In this chapter, we will take you through the initial stages as we determine if we are the right partners and the most effective program to use as a basis for VR. We discuss design, retrieval, and conceptualization and development for the best program that goes beyond the headset with analytics, distribution, and inversion.

Also, if you would like to learn more about this program, check out the webinars available on demand, I co-created with Tobias Washington, Learning Experience, Design and Technology Director at Christus Health.

We must continue to learn, which means continuing to teach

There are so many unknowns in life right now, and sometimes I feel anxious. None of us know how or when things will change. What we do know is that we must continue to learn, which means that we must continue to teach. We are all looking for the brightness of hope in our lives (personal and professional) and for me, VR seems to have hope for how to contact us and move forward.

Thank you for taking the time to go on this little trip with me. This VR training e-book, your guide to VR training programs: Virtual Reality for our new reality, we hope you enjoy it as much as we love writing it. Join the Webnar VR Training Program Case Study to learn everything you need to know through a successful story!


[1] Top emerging technological trends and their impact on L&D


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