As large as the world is, schooling is now in turmoil during these epidemic times. For students at home, that means missing out on valuable lab time. Science Magazine is a Google application that allows amateur scientists to experiment with simple, yet valuable sensors on their phones. Arduino, the creator of the open source microcontroller, got this app and we learned from Google when a big transition happens.

Arduino actually announced last month that it was offering the torch from Google. The two have collaborated on an Arduino-based science set for middle school kids over the past year, and there are plenty of sensors that can be attached to a board rather than a phone.

arduino science journal look

A big change like this can be embarrassing during the school year, but there is plenty of padding around it to create the least distraction:

  • The Arduino Science Journal app can now be downloaded without much change in functionality.
  • The Science Journal app, made by Google, will continue to be in the store until December 11th.
  • Users can export their Google Science Journal experiments to the Arduino Science Journal at any time. You can learn how to do it This Google Help Page.
  • The Arduino Science Journal will receive synchronization with a Google update.

The source code for the science journal is open source, so anyone can add their adaptations to it. As Arduino now enables it, expect the app to include more integrations for microcontroller panels from its own brand and others. Of course, it is the responsibility of the educators to decide where to invest their limited resources.

Science Journal from Google Android and iOS.

Journal of Science
Journal of Science

Arduino Science Journal Android and iOS.

Arduino Science Journal
Arduino Science Journal

More information can be found here Arduino Science Journal website.