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Here’s what you really think of the Galaxy S30’s leaked design

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S20 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra Render2

It could only be launched next year, but last week the world first looked at the Samsung Galaxy S30 and Galaxy S30 Ultra. Presenters suggest that the company’s next flagship will be an evolution of the S20’s design.

The center punch-hole camera is still visible, while the rear camera now blends into the side of the phone with a shiny finish. Gon is also a camera hump similar to the Galaxy A series. I’m not a fan of either, overall we are not real fans of the Galaxy S20 design. In our review, we referred to the S20 Ultra, especially the optical thread.

What do you think of the possible changes? We asked foot readers if the leaked Galaxy S30 design was interesting or if it should be thrown in the trash. Here is what you told us.

What do you think about the leaked Samsung Galaxy S30 design?


If Samsung is really planning to change these plans, it seems. Nearly two-thirds Android Authority Foot look guys like the new look to some extent. 25.8% said they “definitely love it”. 33.3% voted “I like it a lot, but it could be better.”

We give Samsung one thing: the design is definitely unique. In today’s smartphone climate, adventurous lines and curves have evaporated. It has become harder to tell different phones immediately apart. Changing these designs should give the company a more prominent design identity at the top of the range.

The revision of the main rear camera design is clearly eye-catching and some of the comments point to the punch-hole selfie camera. Users are hoping that Samsung will introduce a phone with a selfie camera on display. Some believe that the phone will be better if the headphone jack comes back.

As expected, not everyone loves the Galaxy S30. 26.6% of users “don’t like it” but don’t believe the design is “dangerous”.

Finally, 14.3% of voters say redesign is a no-brainer and condemn the “I hate it” option. Some designs will appeal to different users, so it is not surprising that a section of voters will disagree.

Still, this is an original leak. It could be a forgery based on the original dimensions and paintings. However, it is clear that many users will not be offended by Samsung this time around with this plan.

Here is what you had to say

  • sonicsynth2000: Samsung should have something against those who really want to keep their phone on a desk without a case.
  • Shishuma: Hard pass due to puncture, but really, if the manufacturers force you to put these huge expensive camera nuts on the back of the phone, you really need them instead of plugging a big battery into the whole phone. Stop positioning this idiot in one corner so that when the phone is flat on the surface it comes back forward when used.
  • Bloodless: I still see an asymmetrical camera with a slot camera in the front and a bump in the back. not. They have not improved anything.
  • Jeffrey: Looking at it, there is not much reason to update the S20 phone.
  • Sandeep: The back is definitely more interesting compared to the lazy S20.
  • OmJo93: Headphone jack looks better with IMO.
  • Knicks: It is similar to s20. It’s not bad, but the only real difference I see here is the camera. If it’s worth it, I think they have a few new things.
  • daftrok: I really hate cameras. It looked like it started with a big bump on the Samsung S6 and then started to flow where there was just a bump on the S10 series. Then they went to the S20 and unscrewed the headphone jack.

That’s it for the query on this Samsung Galaxy S30. Thanks to everyone who voted and submitted their comments. If you have any additional comments on the Galaxy S30 rumors or our poll results, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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