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Here’s how to play Stadia on iOS

cyberpunk 2077 stadia


Google Studios on iOS still seems like a dream to many, but Reddit user u / zmknox has come up with a great solution to get the game streaming service that works on Apple devices. In their article to Google Stadia subtitles, their new ‘Stadium’ app is a full-screen browser that allows you to play your Stadia games on iOS with minimal hassle.

The app itself is available from the store, and the setup process is surprisingly simple. This is a relief when you consider how confused Apple is about allowing game streaming services like Stadia and X Cloud to operate on its platform. In fact, Amazon Luna will try to avoid these problems by offering its services through a progressive web application. This is not a traditional application, but a website that can be run separately for your standard browser.

Regarding controller support, any controller that detects your iOS device must be activated. The stadium supports MFI controllers, including the Xbox One and DualShock 4 controllers. All you have to do is pair the controller as usual in your device’s settings menu. The official Stadia controller does not currently work on iOS devices.

Here are the free Stadia Pro games for October:

If you are forced to try the stadium, I advise you to check out u / zmknox Reddit Post For complete instructions. The browser is completely free and there are no ads. Here is a link to it App Store Page. More information about Google Stadia can be found there Official website, And we keep a complete list of Google Stadia games.


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