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Hands-On With Apple’s MagSafe Charger for iPhone 12



With the new iPhone 12 models, Apple has introduced a MagSafe charger that attaches to the back of the iPhone using magnets that are included in both the charger and the iPhone. It allows for faster charging and paves the way for future portable iPhones. The MagSafe charger is shipping and is now available in some Apple retailers, so we chose one to test it out.

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MagSafe is not a new word for Apple – it was called the Magnetic MacBook Charger before Apple switched to USB-C. MagSafe’s current version is completely different from the original MagSafe charger, but the general theme is the magnetic connection.

The puck-shaped MagSefe charger looks like a large Apple Watch charging puck, with a round design with a cord at one end inserted into a power adapter. The charger is designed to fit into a magnetic ring built into the iPhone 12 ‘and 12 Pro for perfect alignment without any hassle.

When you order a MagSefe charger from Apple for $ 39, you only get the charger, which has a cord with a USB-C connector at the end. It should be paired with a USB-C power adapter and Apple recommends it 20 19 20W USB-C option. The wires attached to the MagSefe charger are non-removable and the charger is made of aluminum, but the front center section feels rough.

Apple’s MagSefe charger fits the charging coil in the iPhone 12 models and can power up to 15W. It doubles the charging speed available with the 7.5W Qi wireless charger, making it a more attractive wireless charging option.

If you are wondering if the MagSefe charger will work with older iPhones, the answer is yes. It is compatible with all iPhones that support wireless charging, including the iPhone 8 and later. When used with the iPhone 12 ‘, the charger swims to the back of the device with what appears to be a strong magnetic connection, but the Magsef charger cannot be connected in the same way as older iPhones do not have a single magnetic ring.

We do not yet have an iPhone 12 model to see the real difference between the new model’s magnetic connection and the current iPhone, but based on the marketing material released by Apple, the iPhone’s magnetic ring is an important factor in the strength of the connection.

Even the use of a Magsef-compatible iPhone 12 case from Otterbox leads to a super non-robust connection, and Otterbox seems to have trapped a few magnets in a small insert in the case to at least add Magsef functionality. The MagSefe ring built into the iPhone 12 models further strengthens the connection between the MagSefe charger and the iPhone, making Apple’s own case even more magnetic.

Although the iPhone 12 models can charge up to 15W using the MagSefe charger, it is not yet clear how fast the older iPhone can charge, so there may be speed limits when using it with non-iPhone 12 models. As mentioned earlier, there are no strong magnetic adhesives, so non-iPhone 12 models stay on the charger like your basic Qi charger.

The MagSefe charger can charge Qi-based Android phones as well as AirPods, but surprisingly it is not compatible with the Apple Watch.

We have the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro on Friday to test with the MagSafe charger, so be sure to tune in Mac Rumors MagSefe Charger With more details on using the MagSefe charger with the iPhone, our iPhone 12 has a built-in magnetic ring built into the hand.


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