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Hands-On With Apple’s iPhone 12 MagSafe Wallet Attachment



MagSafe Events and the ‘MagSafe Charger’ introduced with the Apple iPhone 12 have a leather wallet with a back magnet that can be attached to the iPhone as an add-on device. Leather wallets were available for purchase over the weekend, so we chose one to see if it was a worthwhile alternative to a traditional wallet.

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By design, the $ 59 iPhone leather wallet is available in soft European leather and is available in Baltic Blue, California Poppy (dark yellow with dark orange), Saddle Brown and Black. It is lightweight, compact and minimal and looks great on the back of an iPhone.

In a leather wallet you can fit two or three cards somewhere, so it is best not to try to add more as it is famous for leather stretching and pulling. On the back of the leather wallet, there is a small cutout for the thumb, which is meant to make it easier for a card to slip out, but the fit of the cards on the inside takes some time to master the gesture.

magsafe wallet
The capacity of three cards may work for some people, but the leather wallet is not suitable for those with multiple credit cards and a driver’s license or identity card. The leather wallet can be attached directly to the iPhone 12 ‘or MagSafe case, and it shows a small animation on the iPhone screen to notify you when it is connected.

In terms of magnetic strength, the magnet in the leather wallet is strong enough to adhere to the case and stays in place when the iPhone is shaken violently, but we suspect it will stay in the right place in everyday use.

If you tap the leather wallet several times it will pop up at once, but the biggest problem is how it interacts with the pockets. When putting an iPhone in a pocket with a leather wallet, care must be taken. If you do not align it correctly, there is a chance that the wallet will slip into the iPhone’s pocket at the same time, which is the same for taking it out.

The magnetic connection is not strong enough to stick the leather wallet firmly to the iPhone when the power in the pocket is connected, and if you are not careful, you could have an accident at the point where the wallet exits with regular use. If you do not intend to carry your iPhone in your pocket, your card will be safer, but if you intend to take the leather wallet and use it normally, make sure that the wallet and the phone do not accidentally separate when you hold it tightly and remove it from your pocket.

Those who regularly carry more than three cards or are free to use a wallet without worrying about attachment issues should often opt out of the wallet, but it has the potential to be a useful accessory for those who want a safer and minimalist look and feel for the wallet.


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