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Graphical Glitches Plaguing Some 2020 iMac Owners With Radeon Pro 5700 XT GPU

imac 27 inch


Featuring a 10th generation Intel processor, more RAM, more SSD processing and a faster 27D inch AMD GPU, Apple has refreshed the 2020 iMac line.

imac 27 inch
Unfortunately, some new Mac owners have problems with their machines and continue to report bugs with graphics. a 57 page thread Mac Rumors Forums It’s full of complaints until August, suggesting that this is an issue that has plagued iMac owners ever since the new Max came out.

Based on a poll, a good number of iMac owners with a high-end 5700XT GPU will occasionally see a white horizontal line flame across the display, but the issue does not seem to affect all users. Mac Rumors Parker torifile Describes the problem:

I got my 2020 iMac Thursday night. It was as fast and beautiful as expected. Last night I thought there was a horizontal white line in the corner of my eye in the middle of the screen. It was really instantaneous and I thought I was seeing things. This morning I saw the same thing. The computer is hot or nothing is working. All the essence of the iStat menu is secure. I remember having an earlier version of MacOS with my MBP 13 “(2019).

While the white line described by the victims appears randomly throughout the day, there are a few other visible graphic issues that have been raised by iMac owners. Some users have reported that choosing a resolution other than the default can fix the problem, but it is not the perfect long-term solution.

It is not clear whether the problem experienced by iMac owners is hardware or software based, but Apple has not yet implemented a solution to the problem.


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