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Google’s Device Lock Controller is a hidden app

Google’s Device Lock Controller is a hidden app


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loans: David Email / Android Authority

Last Updated, November 6, 2020 (17:53 PM): Returned to Google Android Authority With an explanation of the application described below. Apparently, this app comes first It was active in July this year, But only in Kenya. In that country, we partnered with Google to make Android Go available to people who can’t afford it. The Device Lock Controller app helps creditors avoid defaulting on those devices.

However, a Google spokesman said the app should not be active in the United States. It was incorrectly uploaded to the US version of the Play Store, which is why it looks so new to us and why it does not show up in the list along with other Google LLC apps.

Below is the original article that guesses the device lock controller application.

Original article: If you want to find all the Android apps created by Google, you can watch it Google LLC Play Store page. However, for unknown reasons, you will not find one of its latest applications in that list (h / t XDA-Developers).

Called the new app Device lock controller. Here is the official description of its Play Store page:

Device Lock Controller enables device management for lenders. If you do not pay, your provider may remotely restrict access to your device. If your device is restricted, basic functionality, such as access to emergency calls and settings, still exists.

In short, the app allows lenders to limit the functionality of lenders’ Android devices. Theoretically, you can buy a smartphone through the lender and that lender can pre-install this app. If you have defaulted on your loan, the lender may shut down certain functions on your phone until you rectify the situation.

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This app is a very strange new path for Google. This app is an addition to being hidden in the Play Store that separates it from other Google LLC products. We went to Google to get some clarification on this.


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