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Google published a beautiful new set of wallpapers on Chrome OS, and you can download them here

wallpaper collection lesstransparent


Tired of looking at your old lazy wallpaper? Google recently released a new collection of 3 wallpapers for the Chrome OS Canary channel, and in my opinion: they are impressive. You can download them now – even if you don’t have a Chromebook.

I get it. In an enterprise setting, it is important to have a simple, color-coded background to keep your work from being racked out. But with your device, personalization is key to giving your computer a fresh and attractive look.


Need something light? This wallpaper collection has features Anti-paint It is very beautiful and easy to see. Matthew Hollister He did an amazing job of balancing the colors and contrast, keeping the mood calm and friendly.

Made by Canvas

Feeling contemporary? These works of art are drawn Chrome canvas, A popular drawing app by Google. I love these illustrations to emphasize the contemporary look, especially the mid-century feel and how animated and vibrant the color pop is. Russ Gray and Hedoff Both did a great job with this collection.


Do I love 3-D abstract art as much? This collection creates a unique composition using abstract design shapes, forms and gestures. I know how Rutger Poles Take advantage of translucent, lighting and grades to create a unique design metaphor. Some of these backgrounds have a darker variation and hint at that Chrome OS Dark Mode may be on the corner.

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