The Google Play console is not always the most powerful tool for publishing apps, but it is getting better and better, and it solves some of the problems that developers have been facing for years. The latest update brings two long-awaited enhancements that make the publishing experience easier and a little smarter.

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The first big difference comes in the form of a new publishing overview page, which shows that there are different versions of an app in the review process and gives a clear overview of what the Play Store displays when an app is released. It is easy to see approved progress at a glance and coordinates releases with other members of the organization.

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Google Play is launching a new management publishing feature that will replace Timely Publishing, which aims to provide developers with an easier and more predictable interface for scheduling.

Released in 2015, Timed Publishing gave developers a way to post their updates on a specific time and date, but it was weird to use them with new apps because they had to go through a few steps unknowingly before being scheduled, and Google became less credible. After Play introduced its review process.

Managed Publishing divides your updates into a list that is ready to be published and another list that has been reviewed. Developers can now publish separate updates separately without having to wait for approval for each update, which is a limited issue of timely publication.

Developers should be allowed to upload new systems and publish them on time. This does not eliminate the need to upload new versions from time to time, but the approval process allows developers to eliminate the risk of releasing expected updates sooner or later.