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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 users are complaining of swollen and bloated batteries

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 users are complaining of swollen and bloated batteries


Seems to be increasing 3 pixels and Pixel 3 XL Users who complain about the batteries in these phones. No, users have no problem with squeezing battery life from 2915mAh and 3430mAh components respectively. The problem is associated with the swelling of the battery; Since May, there have been a number of articles and photos about exploding batteries In the Google Support Forum and Reddit. The photos show that the swelling is sometimes severe and pushes it out and lifts the back panel of the phone.
Some users were unaware that their batteries were pregnant because the damage was hidden in a case. Others knew that there was a problem with not being able to charge wirelessly. one Pixel 4 XL The user mentioned that he had problems with wireless charging and that was his conclusion Pixels The stand was inactive. Google restored its position, but to no avail. Not until the user realizes that it belongs to his wife Galaxy S10 With no problems at the pixel station, he concluded that the problem was with his phone.
Deco 2000, the author of one Reddit post, sought a replacement Pixel 4 XL From Verizon. But less than a year after launching the phone, Verizon has no stock and is sending it to him Samsung Galaxy S10 + Instead. This made the Dgecko2000 wonder if it was responsible for the early suspension of the exploded battery problem. 4 pixels A series. As he writes, “I begin to suspect that this battery swelling problem could be even bigger Google Accepted for now, which is why they abruptly suspended it … I wonder if I have my phone Wireless charging The problem can also be a symptom. On closer inspection, the upper and rear corners of the black edge where the rear window meets appear to be “scattered” … although those 2 corners appear to be slightly raised, it is difficult to say. “

If you turn to Google for device replacement instead of your carrier, you will have more success. Even if your damaged pixel unit is irresponsible, Google seems willing to send you an updated model. However, the company tells customers that the replacement is only once. In other words, if the replacement you received from Google has the same problem in a year or two from now on, do not think about getting another replacement model from the company.


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