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Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch

Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch


Back in 2017, Google Maps no longer works with Apple Watch. reason Google Pull out of it Apple Watch It is reported that there is some connection with the limited capabilities of the watch app compared to the iPhone app. When Google released this announcement, it promised that Maps would return to the Apple Watch. Apparently that’s what happens. Following a new update, Google Maps is once again giving advice and estimated arrival times to Apple Watch wearers.
Users will not be able to enter a new destination directly into the watch, and Google will suggest that you log in to a location using the phone app and switch to the Apple Watch. Apple Watch allows you to use Google Maps, walk, drive, take public transportation, or ride a bicycle to get step-by-step instructions from point A to point B and show the estimated arrival time. The primary screen of the Apple Watch shows the user’s current travel time with travel time to other destinations such as work and home. Icons show when a turn should be made and identify the current mode of transport. Haptics helps users know when a turn is needed and if there is a complication Apple A clock that shows the Google Maps icon and opens the app.


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