Tourists have relied on Google Maps for years to navigate and explore the world around them, and when the live show was introduced last year, it opened up even more possibilities. Now Google is announcing upcoming improvements to the live view, including popular landmarks and location sharing.

When you are in live view mode, the location of nearby landmarks will be displayed to help users locate their bearings and navigate more confidently. The live view will show you how far the landmarks are, as well as which direction to go. Currently, landmarks include local parks, tourist attractions and more famous sites such as the Empire State Building and the Roman Pantheon. They are available in selected cities around the world.


Public landmarks will be displayed with distance and direction information.

Other notable improvements include access to live view using transit directions and the arrival of location swaps. Pixel owners were the first to receive this future functionality earlier this month, but the special period is not long last. Google says it makes it easy for all Android and iOS users on ARCore and ARKit-enabled phones to meet friends in unfamiliar places. Thanks to the improvement the destination pin has been further corrected Globalization.


Thanks to machine learning, the live view gets more accurate positioning very quickly.

As AR features such as live view become more widespread, it is a pleasure to see the variety of useful applications that can be used to create them. Live View makes walking directions easier to use, and is now getting better with the inclusion of landmarks, transfers, transit directions, and enhanced pin accuracy.