Last year, Google promised to include recycled materials in all of its products by 2022. According to the company, it has reached that goal in the early stages – all new Pixel and Nest products now include recycled material in their design. In light of this success, Google has announced several new sustainability goals for the coming years.

Google begins its list of commitments by updating its previous goal – by 2025, the company is committed to using at least 50 percent recyclable or renewable plastic in all new hardware. And then committed to achieving it. UL 2799 Zero Waste Filling Guarantee At all final assembly production sites by 2022. This means that most of the waste generated at those sites will be recycled. Google promises to commit to plastic-free packaging by 2025. The company says it has already reduced the use of plastic in packaging since 2016, but has additional research to reach 100 percent recyclable levels while protecting its products during shipping.

After blurring with last year’s sustainable promises, it’s nice to see Google accelerate and commit to a few more strong goals. If the company can continue to move, it has the potential to make a big impact and hope to set an example in the industry.