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Google Fi deal: Pick up a Pixel 4a for just $216

Google Pixel 4a camera and fingerprint reader


Google Pixel 4a Back Face Zoom1

Remember the good old days when you could take a new phone for two years and save a lot of money? Well, thanks for something new in those days Google Fi subscription program. You may not think you need another contribution in your life, but if you are thinking about Pixel 4a this is a good deal.

The whole idea follows the simple design and simple pricing of Google Play. For $ 15 a month, you get Google’s new Pixel 4A and higher device protection as well as the ability to upgrade after two years.

You will still have to choose a plan on Google Fi to go with your new phone, but they only start at $ 20 a month. After all, you can get a new phone and a monthly service for $ 35 a month.

Plus, you get all the best pixel features for your money. From the camera to the low light strokes to the battery all day, there is so much to like. We reviewed Google Pixel 4a ourselves and had a lot of good things to say about it.

Google Pixel 4A: Everything you need to know before you buy

Device protection is always excellent and you have the right to replace or repair things like drops, leaks and cracks. You will have to pay a discount, but it’s a walk away with a canceled phone.

After two years together, you can be ready to update and you can do it at no cost. You do not even have to send your phone back – you have it.

What else can you ask for? New phone, security and guaranteed upgrade, all for $ 15 a month. Learn more and start with the widget below.

Aren’t you interested in Pixel 4 on Google Play? You can unlock it from Amazon and buy the best from the links below.

Google Pixel 4A The best thing about Google is $ 349

Getting the Google experience can never be more accessible. An easy-to-use compact phone, a nice screen and the best camera in this price range. Pixel 4a is hard to beat.


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