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Google Duo Screen Sharing will soon be available for Android

Google Duo Screen Sharing will soon be available for Android


Recently, Google has acquired its Google Duo app with a number of useful features. Now, another communication feature is brought to the app: Screen exchange between video calls. Engadet reports Now Google has started to launch this feature. Initially, Google announced a screen-sharing feature in a quick-deleted tweet in September, saying: “Share more opportunities with your friends on Google Duo. Now you can use screen sharing to browse photos and videos together and plan activities while on a video call. “Now, even if the tweet is deleted, the feature seems to see the light of day.

When you receive the update for Google Dew to share your screen, tap the overflow button in the bottom menu while you are on a call and select Screen Swap. When you share your screen, you will not see other call participants as long as screen sharing is active. This feature is not currently available for all Android devices but will eventually be available.


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