Google yesterday introduced major updates to G-Suite, including a new name and brand identity. Among the changes is a new feature that comes with Google Docs, which allows the user to specify a document directly for easy access to smart suggested functions.

When writing in Docs, typing the “@” symbol will now trigger a drop-down menu where you can search for the user you want to specify. Adding someone to a document is a quick and easy way, but it doesn’t really notify them or automatically share the file with them. Instead, it highlights the embossed name with a light gray background and provides great functionality, such as adding a person to your contacts or browsing across the text and sending an email.


Previously, users could only comment when commenting on a document. This feature will be rolled out over the next month or so until all Google service points reach customers by the end of October. There is no word that it will be available anymore at this point, but this will come down to somewhere for the average consumer.