Back in 2018, Google touted that the Assistant worked on over 10,000 smart home gadgets from 1,000 different brands — that’s quite a lot of speakers, smart bulbs, cameras, and other hardware that the Assistant can either control or is built into. But in the two intervening years, that number has further exploded, and today Google claims that the Assistant now works with over 50,000 devices from over 5,500 brands. That’s some serious growth.

The scale at which the Assistant has grown to encompass pretty much every new smart home gadget is pretty incredible. Google started advertising compatibility with “just” 1,500 devices at the beginning of 2018. Almost as soon as it began reporting these numbers, it hit back-to-back milestones: 5,000, then 10,000. Progress has continued, but Google has been quieter since then — at least, until today.

Google has silently updated its Nest Help documentation with the new numbers, explaining that the Assistant now works with over 50,000 smart home devices from 5,500 popular brands.

Next up: 100,000. At this pace, we should probably hit it in the next year or so.