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Google adds new “high visibility” security alerts

Google adds new high visibility security alerts


Google released a blog post on Wednesday Explains how the company plans to use a new process to inform Google Account subscribers when a serious security issue arises. In 2015, Android alerts were used to notify them when there was a security issue with their Google account. This notification will appear if someone’s account has been stolen. With new notifications, Within an hour of receiving Google, the number of users who responded to them increased 20-fold.
Google says it is releasing a new security alert that will appear on any Google app the user has opened, which will help him resolve the issue. These new alerts are not fraudulent, so if someone shows them in a Google app, the user can be assured that it is genuine. The feature will be operational on a limited basis over the next few weeks and is expected to launch a wide distribution in early 2021.

Google also announced today that it has added a new guest model for itself Google Assistant. With guest mode, you can use a simple and voice command to save your assistant interaction elsewhere instead of on your device. You can disable guest mode at any time to retrieve the fully personalized version of Google Assistant. You can also use your voice to delete what you said to Google Assistant. The latter now provides quick answers to other questions about privacy and security.

Google says, “To make it easier to control your privacy, you’ll be able to edit your location history data directly over time by adding or editing some of the places you’ve visited, and for many questions, we’re starting today” Is my Google Account secure? ” When asked, we will show you your personal security and privacy settings.

Google claims to block more than 100 million phishing attempts a day; The Google Play Project scans more than 100 million applications daily, searching for malware and other issues.


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