Lenovo currently sells two alarm clocks with Google Auxiliary built-in: the old smartwatch with a touch screen and the latest smartwatch essential. Both products are still at their lowest prices, beating previous records by $ 1.

The Lenovo smartwatch was first released last year and is a hybrid between an assistant smart speaker and a smart display. It has a touch screen and customizable watch faces, but it lacks many of the video/photo features that feature regular scenes, such as the Nest Hub offer. Lenovo has released a follow-up Smart Watch Essential release that lets the touch screen favor an entirely simple LED panel.

SmartSelect 20201107 155716 Samsung Internet

You can buy both watches from Walmart from the links below. No products are eligible for free shipping for two days as there is a minimum order of $ 35 for Walmart, but you have the option to take them to a store (if someone near you has them in stock).