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Get a free premium pass in grand strategy game Supremacy 1!

supremacy 1 giveaway


The sublime strategy is a tough variant to bring to the cell phone, after all, how do you fit such a big thing into a small thing? But you will be amazed at what can happen when developers turn their minds to it. While the long-term grand strategy has become particularly popular on mobile phones in recent years, when you consider a long-term strategy to be basically a passive strategy, once you log in once a day, make a few strategic choices and then forget about it. Next. It is a variant that is amazingly compatible with mobile phones.

This week we decided to partner with Bytro Labs to offer a few premium licenses for the WW1 game. Dominance1. In each campaign of domination, you play up to 84 players per game and fight against each other to control the map. These games can last for weeks and sometimes up to a month, so if you like the depth of your strategy, this might be the one for you.

Each premium permit gives you a one-month highmond, which gives you a building queue, and gives you the game’s rally score, which basically allows you to stack commands for units once unit recruitment is complete.

If Dominance 1 looks like a game of your kind, we have the following Android and iOS inclusion models. If you are about to enter, please see ours terms and Conditions First!


Dominance 1 – Android offer


Dominance 1 – iOS offer

For those of you who are interested in getting started, Download Admin 1 is free Google Play and App Store. If you need a few similar recommendations, our list The best mobile war games, and Best Mobile Strategy Games Take what you are looking for.


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